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“Arts are not only fundamental to success in our demanding, highly technical, fast-moving world, but they are what makes us most human, most complete as people.”  -- Eric Jensen

We have a new article to share with you written by Barbara Porter of the WMEA entitled: ADVOCACY - from Survival to Vision.  This article was published in the May 2013 edition of VOICE Magazine.

The 4thd Annual SVSD State of Music Education presentation will be presented to the School Board during an upcoming meeting in June.  All supporters of music throughout the district are encouraged to come support the Music Coalition as the information is shared.  We have posted the presentation in our Online Resources folder for your information.

DID YOU KNOW?    Dazzle your friends with some great music education facts! 

  Handouts and Information from the Washington State WMEA meeting held in Yakima
Feb 15-16, 2014 is available on our special WMEA presentation page !

We must advocate for music education – we have no choice, because music is often incorrectly perceived as a non-core academic requirement. If you believe that music education is vital to your child’s life and education, then it is up to you and the rest of the community to make sure it survives and even grows. The best thing you can do to influence decision makers is to:

  1. Educate yourself on the school district’s budget cycle

  2. Attend school board meetings

  3. Join with the SVSD Music Coalition on Facebook to keep up on events and key information

  4. Support your local music booster organization

  5. Support your school’s concerts and local music events
  6. Let your school board know when you are happy with the job that your local music teacher is doing! We suggest that you send a quick email to the teacher and copy the school board. In doing so, you:

    • Provide feedback to the teacher

    • Give them the recognition they deserve

    • Let the school board and local administration know about the things are going well – they love good news.

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